Art in Brackets provides a wide array of art advising and consultancy services, supporting artists, galleries and institutions in achieving successful collaborative projects. Additionally, we offer advisory services to collectors, architects and interior designers, tailoring acquisition profiles to match their unique interests, objectives and budgets.

For Collectors

We provide a tailored international experience of

  • art fairs
  • gallery shows
  • artist' studios
  • private and public collections

We partner with specialists to provide

  • Art Shipping
  • Storage and Conservation
  • Collection Documentation
  • Insurance Services
  • Art Framing and Rehanging

For Artists

  • Tailored mentoring program
  • Expert guidance in selecting suitable residency programs in New York
  • Connect art practitioners and institutions
  • Help mid-career artists estabilish a presence in the New York art scene

For Galleries

  • Assist represented artist with our artists' services
  • Organize private events in NY
  • Aid with post-fair sales
  • Estabilish a year round presence in New York and Brazil